Financial Competence for All


You can’t believe it if you haven’t tried it yourself: In nine lessons with short, crisp videos, you’ll learn the most important basics of financial mathematics and easily calculate credit rates, interest rates, pensions and much more. The easy way to make better money decisions. Ingenious: The calculator is included as an online application. And when you take the final exam, an individual certificate is waiting for you.


“Never burn money again due to expensive wrong decisions.” That is the credo of the FinTeachWorld course “Financial competence for all”. Learn in amazingly simple way to solve financial problems , at which even most financial and insurance advisors fail: How much money must I save monthly, if I want to come with 65 years 100,000 USD? At what interest rate? And inflation included? What does a loan with X percent interest really cost me in the end?

You can easily calculate these and many other financial questions after a few video lessons. You have the choice between two learning paths: With the videos by financial mentor Bernd, you jump right into the action and learn intuitively how to use the DocZins-Online calculator and the various tasks. The videos of financial mentor Klaus take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step and very stringently through the tasks of the nine lessons. You have the choice in each of the nine lessons and can also jump from one video to the other at any time.

After the ninth lesson, you have the opportunity to take a final exam. If you pass, you will receive an individual certificate in which Prof. Dr. Bernd W. Klöckner certifies your knowledge and skills in financial mathematics. And on top of that there are eight crisp bonus videos: You can expose loan sharks, for example, or with the right strategy you can double your investment profit at half the deposit amount. “Financial competence for all” – perhaps the best 10-dollar decision of your life.