Recommend “Financial competence for all” – and earn money

We are happy when as many people as possible join in: Simply better money decisions through your own financial competence. And you can also benefit from this. Recommend the course “Financial competence for all” as FinTeachWorld partner and receive a commission.

And this is how it works:

1. Fill out the form below and complete your profile.
2. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail that you are now a FinTeachWorld partner.
3. under the tab “Affiliate links” you will find the link to copy and distribute.
4. You will receive 2 USD for every purchase made via your link.
5. If these direct recommendations lead to further recommendations, i.e. if your referred customers also become partners, you will receive 0.50 USD each for their transactions.T
6. The minimum payout amount is 20 USD. Whenever 20 USD in commissions are reached, you will automatically receive a payout to the account you specified.
7. Important: There is no risk! You do not enter into any obligations.

Further Informations about the affiliate area

  • Affiliate links
    As a FinTeachWorld partner, you get an affiliate link to copy for your friends and prospects. You can distribute this link for example via email, your website or your Facebook page. Here you will also find a link generator with which you can create individual affiliate links for special promotions or campaigns.
  • Statistics
    The state of affairs at a glance: How many people visited the course page due to your recommendation? How many of them have booked the course? And how much USD commission have you already received and how much is still to be paid? This gives you control over your activities and your success as an affiliate at all times.
  • Sales
    Here you can see how many successful recommendations there are in your team as a whole. Direct, i.e. your transactions, and indirect, the successes of “your” affiliates.
  • Payouts
    What commission payments did you get and when? You always have control over how your work as an affiliate has paid off.
  • Visits
    How many visits to the FinTeachWorld course page came through your affiliate link? And how many of them booked the course? The better the ratio, the higher the percentage of your conversion rate.
  • Settings
    Here you will find your details for the commission payments and can update them if necessary.
  • Sub Affiliates
    As soon as one of your recommendations also becomes a FinTeachWorld partner, it will appear in this overview as a “Sub Affiliate”. From their sales you also get a commission (0,50 USD per purchase).

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